gatsosImagine exploring an emotion or a memory...through the prism of an object. A Jewel so unique that captures the most heartfelt moment of a lifetime. The endless sensation of feelings.

Alexandros Gatsos, our designer, carries the immense power to bring life onto the jewellery by imputing images of the most enchanting of one's memories.

With his unique and personal approach, as well as the precious materials of his choice he creates the finest jewelries as a result of a quest that follows your own desires.

AGatsos uses his knowledge as a jeweller to transform his jewellery into “Wearable Works of Art”. The result is original pieces that merge the boundaries between jewellery and art. Each one tells a unique story. His more recently launched “Fine Jewellery Collection” is a custom-made collection of jewellery which uses gold, platinum and diamonds as well as precious and semi-precious stones.